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Сказки на английском языке

Просмотров: 1518
ALYONUSHKA (Сестрица Аленушка и братец Иванушка)

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, a brother and sister walked together down a long road. The sister's name was Alyonushka, and her brother was called Ivanushka. The two had been walking a long time when they came to a cow's hoof filled with water. "May I drink form it sister?" Little Ivanushka asked. "No, or you will turn into a calf." 

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Просмотров: 1520
THE FROG PRINCESS (Царевна лягушка)

In days gone by there was a King who had three sons. When his sons came of age the King called them to him and said, "My dear lads, I want you to get married so that I may see your little ones, my grand-children, before I die."

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Просмотров: 1531
A Leaf from Heaven

High up in the clear, pure air flew an angel, with a flower plucked from the garden of heaven. As he was kissing the flower a very little leaf fell from it and sunk down into the soft earth in the middle of a wood. It immediately took root, sprouted, and sent out shoots among the other plants.

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Просмотров: 1521
Grimm Brother "Thumbling"

There was once a poor peasant who sat in the evening by the hearth and poked the fire, and his wife sat and span. Then said he, "How sad it is that we have no children! With us all is so quiet, and in other houses it is noisy and lively."

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Просмотров: 1523
Salem and the Nail

Once upon the time… the shop belonging to an astute merchant called Salem , and all carpets in it, were burnt in a fire. Salem was left with nothing but his house, and since he was a trader hi decided to sell it.

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Просмотров: 1516
Snowdrop by The Brothers Grimm

It was the middle of winter, when the broad flakes of snow were falling around, that the queen of a country many thousand miles off sat working at her window. The frame of the window was made of fine black ebony, and as she sat looking out upon the snow, she pricked her finger, and three drops of blood fell upon it. 

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Просмотров: 1522
Г.Х.Андерсен. "Дюймовочка"

There once was a woman who wanted so very much to have a tiny little child, but she did not know where to find one. So she went to an old witch, and she said: 

"I have set my heart upon having a tiny little child. Please could you tell me where I can find one?"

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Просмотров: 1524
Сказка Г.Х.Андерсена "The Princess on the Pea"

Once there was a Prince who wanted to marry a Princess. Only a real one would do. So he traveled through all the world to find her, and everywhere things went wrong. There were Princesses aplenty, but how was he to know whether they were real Princesses? There was something not quite right about them all. So he came home again and was unhappy, because he did so want to have a real Princess.

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Просмотров: 1518
Grimms Fairy Tales


Once upon a time as a merchant set off for market, he asked each of his three daughters what she would like as a present on his return. The first daughter wanted a brocade dress, the second a pearl necklace, but the third, whose name was Beauty, the youngest, prettiest and sweetest of them all, said to her father:

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Просмотров: 1530
Иллюстрированный англо-русский словарик

Иллюстрированный англо-русский словарик предназначен для занятий с детьми 3-4 лет, помогает ребенку выучить первые 150 базовых слов и научиться использовать их в простых предложениях.

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